Solutions for UAE Landlords

Are you a landlord in Dubai or Sharjah? Do you really want to deal with tenants calling you non-stop for the pettiest little issue? We understand how valuable your time is so have tailored our landlord packages to make life as easy as possible for you.

Never hear about a tenant repair issue again!

Give your tenants our phone number and we’ll take it after that.

No tenant hassles

We will be the single point of contact for your tenant(s) for all maintenance issues, property repairs, routine work, handyman service, and more. We’ll change their light bulbs and hang their pictures. We’ll service their A/Cs and fix their water. You do nothing but collect the rent checks!

Preventative Maintenance

You don’t have to even think about it! We schedule all property maintenance directly with your tenant. You are never charged for regular maintenance.

Make Ready Service

We get vacant units turned around very fast for you! Call us whenever you have a vacancy and we’ll paint, clean, and dispose of anything left in your unit.

Regular Inspections

We schedule periodic inspections in your behalf to make sure that the property is being maintained to the highest standard. This is important because your time is so valuable.

General Handyman

Tired of your tenants bothering you with broken toilet seats or sinks? They can call us directly and we’ll fix it immediately. We are much better than the in house building management.

Leave your worries behind! Contact us today.